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I help women manifest lifestyle upgrades with their business.

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Luxury is not a place, it's a state of mind. It's feeling wealthy and abundant, even when you don't have all the resources or money (yet). It's empowering yourself and allowing creativity to flow freely through you. Listen Now! 

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Become the Leader Everyone Can't Help But Follow. Where Personal Magnetism Meets Business Success.

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How to create lifestyle upgrades with your feminine energy and explore the 4 P's: Pleasure, Purpose, Prosperity, and Power. 

How To Win It All

The natural energy and flow you need to claim what you desire and win (almost) every contest you win. How to CLAIM what you want and see life unfold more winning miracles. 

This is a place where we create a life of feminine flow, fun and funds in your business and life.

What We Do?


Many women have lofty goals, but then they get stuck in the weeds of life. They forget what they want to achieve, because day-to-day life keeps them from doing the inner work and getting clear on where they are headed. Create your own reality by letting go of your past. No more stopping yourself from your desires. Let yourself want what you want. 


You are worthy of having it all.
This is a place where you can awaken your potential, power, and most of all pleasure.
We believe that vision is not just an idea, but a feeling. A visceral experience that has the ability to reignite your passion and desire for success, love, and life. 


Be the best version of you. Be your new-level woman & CEO. As your inner and outer style evolves, so does your confidence. You know what you want and you're ready to take it all. You understand that in order to make it happen, you need to be fully engaged in the world around you—and that means playing with a bigger game and finding out what works for you.

Stefi Lane is a Lifestyle Business Mentor and Co-Owner of Design Hacker

She specializes in turning entrepreneurs into magnetic leaders who can expand into prosperity, pleasure, love, and awaken their power. With a wide range of expertise from mentoring to world traveling, Stefi has particularly strong roots in the path of business, guiding hundreds towards online business success.

"I was afraid of my authenticity and was trapped in a loop of seeking outside validation and yearning for approval from others."

What a transformation. I now speak unapologetically, have discovered the things I am good at, got clarity around who I am, what my message is, and what I can contribute to the world. I’ve since quit my job and went all in on my business and passion!

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